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Tip trigger from mods not detected #302

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Not sure if this is a bug or if I simply shouldn't expect Courseplay to support any mods other than those explicitly mentioned in the docs.

I set grain transport routes for the mixing station and the universal conveyor mods and the tip triggers are simply not detected at all by Courseplay. I have to set a waiting point and unload manually.

Tractor is a Huerlimann XL 130, tipper is the Gilibert 1800 Pro. The tipper is from a mod, but it works fine for other triggers.

Log for channels 1 and 2 when going through a trigger:

And these are the mods:


We will (probably) add the mixing station to the allowed tipTriggers, but not that other weird, highly unrealistic mod. Stay tuned.


@pjwerneck : we've added the tip triggers. please consider that they are very small in original.
so whether you can modify the model a bit and move the triggers a little bit out
or you can drive backwards to the triggers.
please test v349 and report...


It works fine driving backwards, but no sign of the trigger when driving sideways, even after moving it a little bit out as suggested.


yea , you have to move the triggers so far that the tip reference point is in the trigger.
At trailers with only one tip side ( behind) this point is in the middle of the trailer behind it.


Yes, I moved the triggers further and it works fine now, but there's another issue. If I have a row of mixers I want to fill by driving on a straight line and the distance to trigger overlaps between two or more of them, one or more of them is ignored. For instance, I get trigger for mixer 1, unload and keep moving, but when I get to trigger 2, my current tip trigger is still 1, so it won't unload.


@0349: added Mixing sation to triggers list …
For me didn't work. CP didn't see trigger. If i place mixing station near cow feed, and CP writes "tip trigger reached" (CP see cow feed), then he can unload to mixing station.
If you can, add trigger for this:
My CP version is
Sorry for my eng ;)

EDIT: Sorry for spam. After several attempts working fine. I replaced WH futterlager with WH_cowforagestorage and it working without any issues.


Courseplay has been working just fine for me with that WH futterlager.

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