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@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ Here's the features list:
* Forum/bbPress integration
* Gradebook
* CSV Import
+ * Certification/Diploma using [BuddyPress Courseware Certificate](
* Schedules
* Calendar
* Month, Week, Day view
@@ -41,6 +42,9 @@ Here's the features list:
* Localizations
* French by [Albert Bruc](
* Italian by [Luca Camellini](
+ * Spanish by [@Design4eStudio](
+ * German by [@chaoti](
+ * Portuguese by @Dianakc
[wpvideo AD4hdKWn]

7 comments on commit fe0391a


Hi, Finally I found the .mo and .po spanish files, but I don't have instructions to follow on how to install them. I apreciate your help.

@stas member

Place the .mo/.po files inside languages folder of buddypress-courseware plugin.


I did that and still in english, do I have to change something in the courseware.php file? or maybe do something else on the wordpress dashboard? I got stuck on this 2 weeks ago.


Yes I did, I have wordpress, bbpress and buddypress in spanish. Do you have an other idea how to make it work? I read something about i18n directory, is that necesary?

Thanks for your time.

@stas member

Sorry, I'm out of ideas. I guess something is done wrong.
Please ask on forums.

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