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Frequently asked questions

Does Couscous supports GitHub fenced code blocks in Markdown?


Do links works between pages?

Yes, they work just like on

Links in Markdown are rewritten to link to HTML pages:

  • A link to will be rewritten to something.html;
  • A link to will be rewritten to something-else.html;
  • A link to will be rewritten to contributing.html;
  • A link to will be rewritten to index.html.

Can I use it for a blog?

Probably not yet, but you are welcome to try. PHP-DI's website has a pseudo-blog where the article list is written manually: it's possible, but not (yet) super easy.

Can I deploy the website to something else than GitHub Pages?

It is planned! In the meantime, you can simply use couscous generate and upload the files to your webserver manually.

Why not build Couscous on top of Sculpin?

I tried.

Why is it named Couscous?

Because Couscous is good, and so is this.