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Blueprint - Sugar syntax for Prototypal Inheritance

Why another?

I wanted a small utility (858B bytes minified/413 bytes gzipped) that could easily be used in a cross-browser fashion and still be AMD and Node.js compatible.

yeahh… that's the only reason.


  • It's a sugar for Prototypal Inheritance, not a Class system…


  • A decent page for tests.
  • Finish testing.
  • Polyfill for the Object.getPrototypeOf and Object.isPrototypeOf methods


as a Node.js Package

$ npm install Blueprint-Sugar

Require package

var Blueprint = require('Blueprint-Sugar');

Example of Use

Create an Object

var Example = Blueprint.create({
    init    : function(){},
    method1 : function(){},
    method2 : fucntion(){}

Instanciate the object

var example = Example.create();

Instanciate and extend an object

var example = Example.create({
        anotherMethod : function () {}

Add methods/properties to instance

// I find myself adding properties/methods to instances a lot,
// this is just a helper. Could ease some work while working
// with mixins…

    moreMethods : function () {},
    moreProperties : 2

Feel free to pull requests, open issues and so on… right now i'm quite open to ideas, improvements and suggestions.