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Developer Program Member


@15minuteslate @MustHash @babel
Vinicius Santana vinicius5581

Advisor Software Inc. San Francisco - CA

shilch shilch

Student from Germany.

School Germany

José Durães joseduraes

Cheerful person and someone hopefully capable of passing a turing test.

Skyscanner Barcelona

Renato Almeida tallnato

Big developer, 2 meters tall :) Android tamer on a daily basis.

Mindera Porto

Tri vominhtri1107

A Full Stack Web Developer Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Kristaps Ledins krysits

Internet Entrepreneur


『Reactive Now』 simongfxu

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 A 🙈 from 🇨🇳 focusing on front end; A new father with a 👼; ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

DataEye Shenzhen

Jøao Henriques johnnyghost

Hi, I’m currently growing as a Front End developer at @mobilabsolutions. My focus is to develop beautiful apps in a clean, simple and elegant way.

I know a ghost Aveiro, Portugal

Sugeng Tigefa tigefa4u

@tigefa >> @ruby >> @rubygems >> @rails >> @twbs

Wonosobo, Indonesia

Ricardo Pinto ricpinto

London, United Kingdom

José Tavares yconoclast

Fullstack Magician

Mindera Argoncilhe, Portugal

André Costa andreccosta

I build things for the web.


Srinivas kasiriveni

JavaScript Enthusiast

Developer Program Member Banglore

Angus H. angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Suriyaa Kudo SuriyaaKudoIsc

Founder of @iSCGroup & of many startups. Coder. :heart: @Git & @GitHub :octocat:. He is making open web technologies accessible to everyone.

iSC Enterprise Group (iEG) Munich & San Francisco + ✈

Michael Anthony mcanthony

All work has ceased until further notice.


Geoffrey Dhuyvetters duivvv

lecturer at @devinehowest, mostly into JavaScript (server/client) always interested in cool remote freelance work

@devinehowest Ghent, Belgium

José Moreira cusspvz

consultant, full-stack developer, ui/ux designer, musician & diy entusiast

Póvoa de Varzim, Porto, Portugal

Lucas AgtLucas

Front End Developer. Working with React, React Native and other cool things!

@garageborn Jaraguá do Sul - Brazil

Paulo Coelho Alves pcalves

@creativesterminal Lisboa

LogIN- LogIN-

Virtual filesystem

Alive Whatever Alive-AttemptTheLifeGangHouse

Attempt The Life GangHouse 45.435313900, -75.609153500

Luís Miranda luispmiranda

Hi, I'm Luís, currently working as a developer for Paddy Power Betfair. Also, teaching young kids how to write programs as a mentor in the coderdojo movement. (Paddy Power Betfair) Porto, Portugal