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@15minuteslate @MustHash @babel
Zach Perrault zperrault

Trunk Club Chicago, IL

Ricardo Pinto ricpinto

London, United Kingdom

yan diracdeltas

0.1x engineer

@brave SF usually

Brian Lonsdorf DrBoolean

loop/recur San Francisco, CA

Bruno Palos brunopalos

@Mindera @statful Guimarães

Paul Irish paulirish

Google Chrome, ♥z Palo Alto

Alex Sexton SlexAxton

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.

Stripe Austin, TX

Hugo Giraudel HugoGiraudel

Writing a bio is the worst.

N26 Berlin

José Tavares yconoclast

Fullstack Magician

Mindera Argoncilhe, Portugal

Please contact your local representative. ednapiranha

The official RealDoll Twitter account followed me back. My life is complete now.

Rod Vagg rvagg

Awk Ninja; Yak Shaving Rock Star & NodeSource South Coast NSW, Australia

Quil robotlolita

PL artist (@siren-lang, @purr-platform, @origamitower). Tiny cat-lady witch. Devotee of lolita fashion and cute things.

Origami Tower Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Hakim El Hattab hakimel

Swedish JavaScript coder and CSS tweaker • Co-founder of @slides

Slides Stockholm, Sweden

Jeremy Ashkenas jashkenas

The New York Times / Graphics NYC

will Farrell willfarrell

Farrell Labs Calgary, Canada

Andrew Nesbitt andrew

Creator of @Librariesio, @Octobox, @24pullrequests, @DependencyCI and @splitrb 🚢

@librariesio Somerset, UK

Adam Baldwin evilpacket

Team lead at @liftsecurity and the founder of the @nodesecurity project

^Lift Security Pasco, WA

Pedro Almeida pedro16v

Musikki co-founder. Classic car guy. Newborn motorcycle rider. Metal heart.

@Musikki Portugal

fat fat

bumpers internet jail

Mathias Bynens mathiasbynens

Web standards fanatic. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTTP, performance, security, Bash, Unicode, macOS.


TasteJS tastejs

A better JavaScript learning experience. Keeper of TodoMVC & PropertyCross. Eater of popsicles.

From a galaxy far far away

Miller Medeiros millermedeiros

started to make websites for fun and never stopped

@facebook Redwood City, CA