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License: CC BY-NC 4.0


Merci :) Ton aide est la bienvenue !

Le guide de contribution se trouve dans le fichier


You need minimum node@12 to be able to properly run ViteJS

Don't hesitate to install multiple node version in your dev environment using n


Install dependencies : npm ci

Run vite (we're obviously using vitejs for vite-ma-dose !) : npm run dev or vite (see package.json scripts)

Open your browser : http://localhost:3000/ and enjoy live reload / on-the-fly typescript compilation

You can also click on this link in order to open a Gitpod workspace with everything loaded in it.

Alternative: Running with docker

If you don't want to install node.js on your machine, you can isolate it with docker:

Start docker container (that executes npm run dev) : docker-compose up

Docker how-to

The first time docker-compose up is run, it will build the base docker image with npm install inside node:14 docker image.

When the package*.json have changed, you need to rebuild the base image:

docker-compose down --volumes
docker-compose build

.. then start again with docker-compose up.

To inspect what happens inside : docker-compose exec frontend bash


Package for production with vite build : dist directory will contain minified assets for production

For debug purposes, if you want to generate sourcemaps for production build, you can configure vite.config.ts file by changing the build.sourcemap config property to true

Mobile apps

See vitemadose-android and vitemadose-ios.

Development workflow

  • main is automatically deployed on

    => Push on this branch only when you're ready.

  • dev is the development branch, start any new feature/fix from it.

    We generally try to create dedicated feature branches with issue number in it, except when the commit is really small

Stack pointers

We're using :