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$cuiI18n provider

Version 1.0


This provider serves a way of setting a list of prefered languages to use as fallback in case the internationalized name array does not have the language the user is currently using (served by the cui-i18n library). This will feed our cuiI18n filter and give it the information it needs to make the decision on which name to display. It also provides a quick way of setting up your app's languages with $cuiI18nProvicer.setLocaleCodesAndNames();

Usage Example


Change Log 2/26/2016

  • We now have a new method called .setLocaleCodesAndNames() that takes an object of organized language codes and language names to help setup your language preferences. Use $cuiI18nProvider.setLocaleCodesAndNames() to get the object back.

Change Log 4/5/2016

  • Changes .getInternationalizedName() method to use value if text is not available (for package claims).