Feature Request: opt-out of etag like behavior #21

JonnyBGod opened this Issue Jul 31, 2012 · 2 comments

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Currently you generate new files with a random string name every time there is a change to the code.

This is fine for some cases but if you use more than one server it breaks caching the files. This happens because the bundler will serve a file named random1_bundle.js from server A and random2_bundle.js from server B even if they both have the same code. So if I connect to server A I get one file and after refreshing the page and connect to server B I will get another file.

So please add the option to generate "always the same name" files for this to be usable with multiple servers.


It shouldn't really be like that. Haven't myself tried to generate files on different servers, but assuming the actual file content is the same it should generate the same filenames on both servers because the filename is a md5 hash of the content.

I'd gladly accept pull requests for this. Since I most likely won't have the time to reproduce this behavior in a while since it requires me to set up two servers.

Just to clarify: I don't want the opt-out behavior right now at least. I just want the hashes to be the same.

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