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pNES: Portable NES

The main goals of this nestopia port are:

  • have a basic but user friendly user interface on non windows devices
  • use a recent rendering interface for speed and effects support
  • cross-platform and code portability
  • easy updates of nestopia core (no modifications to the original sources)

Currently supported devices

  • Linux (sdl1, sdl2)
  • Nintendo Switch (libnx, sdl2)
  • Sony Ps Vita (vitasdk, vita2d)


  • Support save states
  • Support 2x, 3x, fit, fit 4/3 and fullscreen hardware scaling
  • Support hardware filtering (shaders)
  • Support titles, previews, and icons images (png), named as the rom name with png extension instead zip/sfc, in their respective directory (to be created if needed).

Installation (switch)

  • copy "pnes" directory to "/switch/" directory on sdcard
  • copy roms to "/switch/pnes/roms/" directory on sdcard

Usage (switch)

  • Press (+) in the rom list to configure main options and default roms options
  • Press (-) in the rom list to configure per rom options
  • Press (+) AND (-) when in emulation to bring the options menu


  • ScHlAuChi
  • devkitPro and libnx people: yellows8, plutoo, profi200, WntrMute ....
  • ScHlAuChi again :)
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