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CppComet - easy to use and fast in work.
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Comet server is written in C++, for storing data using MySQL.


Comet technology – allows sending arbitrary messages to client through server initiative

How it fast

Report about load testing of 64,000 connections online

How it works

  • Introduction to comet technology EN and RU

Documentation and examples

Documentation in Russian and English languages

  • How to build and run EN or RU
  • CometQL API documentation EN or RU (To connect to the comet server api from any server-side language is used CometQL)
  • JavaScript API documentation EN or RU (To connect to the server from JavaScript API use file from api/CometServerApi.js )


Demo access to server API

For testing CppComet without install on vps you can use free cloud service with same api. In the all examples I will use demonstration access from for those who could not or were too lazy to deploy the server on their vps.

For demo access use credentials:

Login: 15

Example of connecting to cometQL api from console using mysql-client:

mysql -h -u15 -plPXBFPqNg3f661JcegBY0N0dPXqUBdHXqj2cHf04PZgLHxT6z55e20ozojvMRvB8 -DCometQL_v1 --skip-ssl

Simple chat demo

Simple chat demo page Simple chat demo gif

On this gif animation you see how send message to web chat from CppComet api.

We connect to CppComet by mysql protocol and send CometQL query.

For connect to demo server use this command:

mysql -h -u15 -plPXBFPqNg3f661JcegBY0N0dPXqUBdHXqj2cHf04PZgLHxT6z55e20ozojvMRvB8 -DCometQL_v1 --skip-ssl

For send message to demo chat use this query:

INSERT INTO pipes_messages (name, event, message)VALUES("web_MainPageChat", "", '{ "text":"My text","name":"My name"}' );



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