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a_cpp_tasking_framework_with_compiletime_dispatching_and_typedriven_priority_scheduling_for_hpc Add A C++ tasking framework with compile-time dispatching and type-dr… Oct 8, 2018
codechecker_a_static_analysis_infrastructure_built_on_the_llvmclang_static_analyzer_tool_chain Add CodeChecker: A static analysis infrastructure built on the LLVM/C… Oct 8, 2018
codecompass_an_open_software_comprehension_framework Add CodeCompass: An Open Software Comprehension Framework by Zoltán P… Oct 8, 2018
cpptaskflow_fast_parallel_programming_with_task_dependency_graphs Add Cpp-Taskflow: Fast Parallel Programming with Task Dependency Grap… Oct 8, 2018
ctwik_hot_reloading_quickbuild_system Add CTwik: Hot Reloading & Quick-Build System by Mohit Saini Oct 8, 2018
efficiently_and_comprehensively_reproducing_cpp_bug_reports_with_sciunit Add Efficiently and Comprehensively Reproducing C++ Bug Reports with … Oct 8, 2018
feedback_on_practical_use_of_cpp17_stdfilesystemrecursive_directory_iterator Add Feedback on practical use of c++17 std::filesystem::recursive_dir… Oct 8, 2018
fighting_nondeterminism_in_cpp_compilers Add Fighting Non-determinism in C++ Compilers by Mandeep Singh Grang Sep 29, 2018
fizz_a_cpp14_implementation_of_tls_13 Add Fizz, a C++14 implementation of TLS 1.3 by Subodh Iyengar, Kyle N… Oct 9, 2018
funky_pools_active_containers_for_refactoring_legacy_code Add Funky Pools - Active Containers for Refactoring Legacy Code by No… Oct 8, 2018
hardware_memory_tagging_makes_cpp_memorysafer Add Hardware Memory Tagging makes C++ Memory-Safer by Kostya Serebryany Oct 8, 2018
lifting_machine_code_instructions_to_llvm_bitcode Add Lifting machine code instructions to LLVM bitcode by Peter Goodman Oct 8, 2018
modernizing_hpc_software_with_cpp11 Add Modernizing HPC Software with C++11 by Ivo Kabadshow, Andreas Bec… Oct 8, 2018
retrofit_cpp17_to_large_visual_studio_codebases Add Retrofit C++17 to large Visual Studio codebases by Gabriel Diaconița Oct 16, 2018
the_cpp_lands_its_amazing_creatures_and_weird_beasts Add The C++ Lands, its amazing creatures and weird beasts by Elena Sa… Oct 8, 2018
using_cpp_to_improve_productivity_in_platform_with_c_api Add Using C++ to improve productivity in platform with C API by Alexi… Oct 8, 2018