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Colored Light Core##

The colored light core is an open source Forge Core-Mod that aims to replace Minecraft's lighting engine with a backwards compatible system which adds three new channels of light. A new set of lighting update routines will spread colors around, while a modified rendering engine deals with the new information. That's not all though! While colored lights are awesome, the ultimate goal of this project is to extend an API for other mod writers to use! Expect to see some mods show up that hook into the API we provide!


  • If you're interested in helping develop the Colored Light Core, you need to setup the development environment.
  • If you want to hook into our API, you'll want to import the Colored Light API Jarfiles, and Access Transformer into your current Development Environment!
  • If you want to install, and play with the colored light core, You will have to be satisfied with our early beta release, found on the Minecraft Forums
  • Found a bug? If something from another mod didn't render correctly, please update or add it to the list of mod compatibility. I use that to keep tabs on how the coremod interact's with everything else. Something else wrong? Submit an Issue and I'll respond as fast as I can.