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DBGCB Engine
by Oleksiuk Dmytro (aka Cr4sh), Esage Lab
Engine for communication with remote kernel debugger (WinDBG, KD) from drivers or user mode application.
./dbgcb.dll - WinDbg extension, that must be loaded in remote kernel debugger
./common/ - dbgcb client code (can be used in your own applications)
./_Examples/dbgcb_drv.sys - Sample driver
./_Examples/dbgcb_app.exe - Sample user mode application
Engine working scheme: ./dbgcb_scheme.png
Engine with test driver (dbgcb_drv.sys): ./dbgcb_in_work.png
Currently supported functions (see ./common/dbgcb_api.h):
* Execute debuuger command (IDebugControl::Execute()).
BOOLEAN dbg_exec(PCHAR lpFormat, ...);
* Evaluate debuuger expression (IDebugControl::Evaluate()).
PVOID dbg_eval(PCHAR lpFormat, ...);
* Get offset of the some structure field
LONG dbg_field_offset(PCHAR lpFormat, ...);
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