CHIPSEC module that exploits UEFI boot script table vulnerability
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CHIPSEC module that exploits UEFI boot script table vulnerability.

This vulnerability was discovered by Rafal Wojtczuk and Corey Kallenberg, check 
original white paper:

More detailed exploit description:


1) Download and install CHIPSEC (

2) Download and install Capstone engine incl. Python bindings (

3) Install nasm (apt-get install nasm).

4) Copy into the chipsec/source/tool/chipsec/modules.

5) Run module:
   # cd chipsec/source/tool/chipsec
   # python --module boot_script_table 


* is a proof of concept code for Linux operating system that uses software 
DMA attack to read or write SMRAM contents.

* program uses DMA attack to defeat BIOS_CNTL flash write protection
with SMI entries patching.

To learn more about these two programs please read my other blog post:


Exploitation of this vulnerability is very hardware-specific because it depends on
boot script table format and location.

Exploit was tested with following hardware:  

* Intel DQ77KB motherboard (Q77 chipset)

* Apple MacBook Pro 10,2 (late 2012, QM77 chipset)

* Lenovo ThinkPad laptops (tested on x220, x230 and others)

Running this code on any other hardware may lead to unexpected problems.


* Windows support (current implementation uses rtcwake Linux shell command).

* More decent boot script table decoding and dumping (incl. vendor-specific opcodes).

* SPI protected ranges dumping and checking.

Written by:
Dmytro Oleksiuk (aka Cr4sh)