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See (Sleipnir is a very little proxy which can intercept requests to serve local files instead. WIP)

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Sleipnir is a very little proxy which can serve some local files instead of the requested ones.


First, copy the config.csv.dist file to config.csv.

Then, edit the csv. This is the pattern of each row :

<url to catch>,<content type of the response>,<location of the file to server instead>

The <url to catch> must be a valid regexp.

By example you can create the following config file :


which replace all png images by a nice jpeg cat.

Run it :

go build sleipnir.go

or download a binary if exists.

Usage :

./sleipnir -h
Usage of ./sleipnir:
  -a=":8888": Bind to this address:port
  -c="config.csv": Config file
  -h=false: Print this help
  -v=false: Verbose


See the beautiful example in the download section!

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