Decomposing Time-Lapse Paintings into Layers
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1 preprocessing
2 layer extraction

Decomposing Time-Lapse Paintings into Layers

This code implements the pipeline described in the paper "Decomposing Time-Lapse Paintings into Layers" by Jianchao Tan, Marek Dvorožňák, Daniel Sýkora, Yotam Gingold from SIGGRAPH 2015. The pipeline is divided into two stages.

1 Preprocessing:

  • Input: raw time-lapse video
  • Output: albedo video

The substeps are:

  1. Color shift the whole sequence
  2. Extract keyframes and color shift each sub-sequence
  3. For each sub-sequence, perform moving std. deviation and moving median
  4. Whole sequence L0 smoothing
  5. Perform albedo conversion

2 Layer extraction

  • Input: albedo video
  • Output: KM layers and PD layers

The programs are:

  • PD layer extraction and KM layer extraction
  • PD using the spatial coherency solution: The 3-by-3 layer extraction described in the paper


  • OpenCV 2.4
  • Eigen 3
  • JsonCpp 0.5
  • zlib
  • Bottleneck: pip install bottleneck
  • PIL or Pillow (Python Image Library): pip install Pillow
  • NumPy