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This workflow Gulp help front developer to make some repetitive tasks and create a better developpement environnement
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Personnal Gulp Workflow

Here is it ! This workflow Gulp help front developer to make some repetitive tasks, create a better developpement environnement and become like this


  • gulp-less: Transform LESS to CSS
  • gulp-autoprefixer: Prefix CSS
  • gulp-clean-css: Minify CSS
  • gulp-rename: Rename file with .min
  • gulp-uglify: Minify Javascript
  • gulp-concat: Concat files
  • gulp-imagemin: Optimize images
  • gulp-html-extend: Allow to create HTML Layout like Pug or Mustache
  • gulp-inject: Used to inject CSS and JS in HTML layout
  • gulp-clean: Used to clean tmp files
  • gulp-sync: Allow sync tasks


├── /src
│     ├── /assets
│     │      ├── /css                  // LESS Files
│     │      ├── /img                  // The images that will be optimized
│     │      ├── /js                   // Javascript Files
│     │      └── /vendor               // Vendors like Bootstrap
│     └── /pages
│             ├── /components          // HTML Components (ex : navbar)
│             ├── /layouts             // HTML Layouts
│             └── .html_files          // HTML Files are created in pages directory
└── /dist                              // Auto-Created. Production project deposed here


You can use gulp prod to create a production build easily.


You can use gulp watch who will continuously monitor all changes made to the LESS and HTML files and automatically launch the corresponding tasks in real time.

In addition, I use Visual Studio Code with the Live Server extension to have real-time changes on my browser when I develop.


  • Add images injection like CSS and JS files
  • Increase realtime fonctionnality

Built With

  • Gulp - Gulp is a toolkit for automating painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow, so you can stop messing around and build something.
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