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My ScratchX extension
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Craftplacer's ScratchX Extension

The title literally says what it is. Open ScratchX with this extension

NOTE: It is recommened to use Google Chrome for this extension as it's using emojis at some places like the variable blocks.

Categories and Blocks

✔️ Booleans

🔤 Strings

🎨 Images

🎨 Canvas

🔊 Sounds

📚 Variables


Gets the variable you have specified.


Does the same thing as above, but converts it to a boolean.


Sets the variable with the value you specified.


Internally called variableOperation, this block might look confusing at first, but you know programming enough you might recognize it as the block that increments the variable. This makes it easier to change the number of a variable since you don't have to use [set [variable] to (variable + (1))]. In the third field you can choose from ++ (increment) and -- (decrement). The fourth field is what the value is to do the operation (default: 1).


Deletes the variable you specified


Checks if the variable has been set before/exists.

⋯ Misc

Variable Types

Menu Option Description Stored temporaily Stored
normal Variable stored in Scratch/extension X locally
local storage Variable stored in localStorage locally
cookie Variable stored as cookie (not implemented yet) locally
cloud Variable stored at a server (requires init**) depends* at server
  • May vary depending on admins saving the variables. It is recommended that the server saves them. ** see variableNetworkInit
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