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# for developpers:
# First, do $ cpanm < author/requires.cpanm after cloning the repository.
# Then, do Makefile.PL. The repository does not include ClearSilver dist,
# so Makefile.PL try to get the dist via Internet with tools/
use strict;
use warnings;
use inc::Module::Install 0.97;
use Module::Install::XSUtil 0.24;
use Config;
use Cwd qw(getcwd);
if(not -x '/bin/sh'){
warn <<'END_MSG';
Text::ClearSilver requires /bin/sh for the configuration of
ClearSilver engine, but it is not found on this system.
all_from 'lib/Text/';
use_ppport 3.19;
test_requires 'Test::More' => 0.88; # done_testing()
test_requires 'Test::Requires';
# must not 'ClearSilver' nor 'clearsilver', which confuses EU::MM
my $cs_dir = 'cs';
unless(grep { $_ eq '--no-build-cs' } @ARGV){
system $^X, 'tool/', $cs_dir if not -e $cs_dir;
if(system($^X, 'tool/', $cs_dir) != 0){
warn "Cannot build clearsilver, stopped";
exit 0;
cc_src_paths qw(xs);
cc_include_paths $cs_dir, map{ "$cs_dir/$_" } qw(util cgi cs);
my $cwd = getcwd; # workaround warnings by EU::MM
cc_libs "-L$cwd/$cs_dir/libs",
'neo_cs', # CSPARSE
'neo_utl', # HDF and other utils
'neo_cgi', # text_html() and html_strip()
tests_recursive 't', 't/*';
auto_set_repository() if -d '.git';
no_index directory => $cs_dir, qw(tool patch);
clean_files "$cs_dir/*/*$Config{_o}";
clean_files qw(
Text-ClearSilver-* *.stackdump
xs/*.gcda xs/*.gcno xs/*.gcov
nytprof *.out
WriteAll(check_nmake => 0);