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A simple data project for Steam data
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Steam Data

A simple data project for Steam data.

If you want the entire data set, including all files generated in the process of creating the final file, then you can download it here.

If you are only interested in the final data set, we have made it available on

The subdirectory ./data is a Makefile driven pipeline for retrieving and cleaning all data. You'll need make and Python3.

Other Goodies

See ./analysis for some simple, example Jupyter notebooks examining the data. You'll need Jupyter and the usual Python data analysis tools. Using the jupyter Docker image jupyter/datascience-notebook should be sufficient.

See ./report for a brief report on work with this dataset. The report is in LaTeX and uses make+rubber to build the final PDF.


All code here is licensed under the MIT license. All data is licensed under the data holder's license. We promise that we have made a best effort to insure that all data that you can obtain with this code is then usable for personal or research purposes. Please double-check with the data originator(s) if you intend to make the data publicly available (including via publication) or to use it for commercial purposes.

Citing this work

Please let us know if you wish to cite this work!

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