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A mini-project to create a Twitter-esque clone using jQuery
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A mini-project created as part of the Hack Reactor pre-course curriculum to learn and get exposure to jQuery and the DOM.

It also served as a good exercise to get some hands-on work with HTML and CSS.

Tweets are randomly generated every 20-40 seconds (or when the user composes one).


Craig's Twittler Demo


  1. Shows the timestamps of when the tweets were created in a human-friendly way using the timeago jQuery plugin.
  2. Users can click on a username to see that user's timeline.
  3. Users can also click on a #hashtag and view on tweets with that #hashtag.
  4. The refresh area shows a continual count of unread tweets as they come in.
  5. The website title also shows how many unread tweets there are.
  6. A simple search was also implemented.
  7. A trends list is featured on the side showing the overall list.
  8. All users have their own profile pictures/avatars.
  9. Users can compose their own tweets as well.


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