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Stack Exchange Community Data to GraphML utility
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I wrote this program for a project in the Coursera Social Network Analysis class. It's pretty rough, but maybe it will be useful to someone.

I'm following the example of Zhang, Ackerman, and Adamic in "Expertise Networks in Online Communities: Structure and Algorithms."

However, I'm using the Stack Overflow data, which is considerably larger, and also already includes human ratings of most posts. I included a couple of sample files (posts.xml and users.xml) with a; rows of data each, but get the real data (around 7 GB at this time) for real analysis.

Because the Stack Overflow data is large, the application only reads a few records when a debugger is attached. Run it outside the debug environment for the full data set.

This data is not in any format directly useful in R, Gephi, or the like, so this application will transform it into GraphML.

You can then read the data in R as follows:

g = read.graph("./StackOverflow.graphml",format="graphml")
d <- degree(g, mode="in")
dd <- degree.distribution(g, mode="in", cumulative=TRUE)
plot(dd, log="xy", xlab="degree", ylab="cumulative probability", col=1, main="Degree distribution")
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