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Sublime Text 2 & 3 Plugin to Beautify Ruby

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Beautifies Ruby code. This plugin uses the Ruby Script Beautifier written by P.Lotus

I made very little modification to get it to work with a Sublime Text 2 plugin.

Erb html templates uses Paul Battley's htmlbeautifier gem. This (as well as rubygems) is assumed to be installed as seen by the ruby interpreter. Note that if you beautify and erb file but htmlbeautifier is not found, the error message is 'check your ruby interpreter settings', do not be misled.

This package offers a pre-save hook, i.e., your ruby and erb files will be reformatted automatically before saving. To activate this feature, set:

"run_on_save": true,

The sublime command "beautify_ruby" performs a save after formatting. You can disable this default by setting:

"save_on_beautify": false

You can change the file patterns handled by this plugin in the settings:

"file_patterns": [ "\\.html\\.erb", "\\.rb", "\\.rake", "Rakefile", "Gemfile" ],
"html_erb_patterns": ["\\.html\\.erb"],

This plugin uses ruby scripts to beautify your buffer, so it needs ruby installed. You can configure your ruby interpreter under Preferences -> Package Settings -> BeautifyRuby -> Settings Default/User. Although the default should work on linux and osx, not setting this right is a common problem.

If you do not use the system ruby, type in your favourite shell:

  which ruby

and place that in the ruby setting.

On windows, set Preferences -> Package Settings -> BeautifyRuby -> Settings Default

  "ruby": "ruby"

If you use project-specific rubies and gem sets managed with rvm, then simply set

  "ruby": "~/.rvm/bin/rvm-auto-ruby",

and then the htmlbeautifier gem is found even if it is only installed for this project.

Key Binding

  ctrl + cmd + k on OS X, or ctrl + alt + k on Windows


Package Control

Using Package Control, a package manager for Sublime Text 2.

In ST2, press "cmd + shift + p" and then type "install".

Once you see "Package Control: Install Package", enter.

When the packages load, another selection window will appear. Type

BeautifyRuby and enter. All done!

Manual Installation

  cd "~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/"
  git clone git://
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