Sublime Text 2 Plugin for easily running RSpec and Cucumber tests in iTerm
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#TestChooser A Sublime Text 2 plugin for quickly executing a RSpec & Cucumber commands in iTerm or Apple's Terminal.


It first checks the current file to see that it is either a "feature" or "spec" file. If so, it reads the file looking for "it", "describe", "context" or "scenario" keywords that are at the beginning of a line.

It then displays those lines for you to choose from. Once you select an item from the list and click "Run", the test is executed in iTerm or Apple's Terminal, whichever you have set in preferences. The default is iTerm.


This Plugin

Install this plugin using Package Control, a package manager for Sublime Text 2.

Key Bindings

There is a menu item to access the key binding for TestChooser.

"Preferences"->"Package Settings"->"TestChooser"->"Key Bindings - User"

This one uses a two-key combination. The "super" is the "command" key on a Mac.

{ "keys": ["super+y", "super+y"], "command": "test_chooser" }


"Preferences"->"Package Settings"->"TestChooser"->"Settings - User"

Choose your terminal. The default is iTerm but you can also choose Apple's Terminal by using the word "Terminal"

"terminal": "iTerm"

The search terms used when searching the RSpec and Cucumber files.

"search_terms": ["it", "describe", "context", "Scenario"]

Set the RSpec terminal command.

"rspec_command": "bundle exec rspec --drb"

Set the Cucumber terminal command.

"cucumber_command": "bundle exec cucumber --drb -r features/"


Read the license text file included in this package... but it's MIT.


Changed the original plugin to now use Package Conrol

Removed py-appscript dependency.