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Creates the @property, @synthensize and dealloc for ivars

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One of the things we do a lot of in Objective-C is outlet and variable declaration, synthesize and dealloc. Since this is a repeatable recurring event I thought I would add a little automation to the process.

Update March 19, 2011

Xcode 4 no longer supports user scripts but instead uses Services.
You can create a Service with Automator.
Do the same as below except put the code in a Run Shell Script.
Set the Application to Xcode and the input as Text.
Or, use the one provided in the AutomatorService folder.


Install the gem.
I have only been able to get this working in Xcode by installing the gem in system ruby.

sudo gem install property_synthesize_dealloc
sudo gem install rb-appscript

Make a user script in Xcode with the following:


require 'rubygems'  
require "property_synthesize_dealloc"  

property =  
property.selection =  

Then select the ivars you wish to make property, synthesize and dealloc declarations and execute using either a user script or
if using Xcode 4, a Service (as described in the Update above and provide in the AutomatorService folder).

Overriding defaults

You can provide an optional parameter to a custom config.yml file.
Just add the path as a parameter to"/path/to/custom/config.yml")

Here is the skeleton. Make sure to use this as a starting point.
Supported options.

  sleep_time: 0.1
  xcode_app_path: '/Developer/Applications/'
  use_nonatomic: true
  position_prop_after_closing_bracket:  false
  outlet: true

  copy: ['NSString', 'NSMutableString', 'NSArray', 'NSNumber']
  assign: ['int', 'integer', 'BOOL', 'float', 'NSUInteger', 'NSInteger', 
             'double', 'uint8_t', 'uint16_t', 'uint32_t', 'int8_t', 'int16_t', 
             'int32_t', 'int64_t', 'uint64_t', 'GLuint', 'GLushort', 'GLubyte', 
             'GLfloat', 'size_t', 'GLenum']
  retain: []


Copyright (c) 2011 Craig Williams. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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