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🏠 Help Crain's readers decide where to buy real estate
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Where to Buy

A web tool that visualizes data about schools, crime, housing prices, commutes, and diversity to help Crain's readers decide where to buy real estate.

Running locally

This website is built using Jekyll, a static site generator that runs on Ruby. We developed it with Ruby v2.1.3, but any version >2.1.0 should work. If you don't have Ruby installed, we recommend you manage your installation with rbenv or RVM.

Once you have the correct Ruby version up and running, install the package manager Bundler:

gem install bundler

Then clone this project and install its dependencies using Bundler:

git clone
cd where-to-buy
bundle install

To serve the site locally, run the following command:

bundle exec jekyll serve -w

Then open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:4000 (or whatever server address Jekyll printed to your console).

Updating data

All data for the site lives in the data/ subdirectory. Head over there for more information if you need to update any of the site's data sources.

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