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Commits on Dec 15, 2009
  1. Sam Lantinga

    Fixed bug #818

    slouken authored
     Daniele Forghieri      2009-10-12 02:52:02 PDT
    Updated makefile & Doc for Open Watcom 1.8
    extra : convert_revision : svn%3Ac70aab31-4412-0410-b14c-859654838e24/trunk%404317
Commits on Jun 26, 2006
  1. Sam Lantinga

    ------- Comment #5 From Marc Peter 2006-06-25 18:03 [reply] -------

    slouken authored
    Created an attachment (id=142) [edit]
    updated makefiles for 1.2.11 release
    The new
    - includes the new testcursor test, and
    - doesn't link to dxguid.lib anymore (by defining INITGUID for
      to fix issue with stack calling convention (-6s can now be used instead of
      in CFLAGS).
    ------- Comment #6 From Marc Peter 2006-06-25 18:12 [reply] -------
    Created an attachment (id=143) [edit]
    updated README.Watcom for 1.2.11
    - lists new testcursor test
    - mentions possibility to build with -6s (stack calling convention) instead
      of -6r (register calling convention)
    extra : convert_revision : svn%3Ac70aab31-4412-0410-b14c-859654838e24/trunk%401903
Commits on May 7, 2006
  1. Sam Lantinga


    slouken authored
    extra : convert_revision : svn%3Ac70aab31-4412-0410-b14c-859654838e24/trunk%401732
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