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CBC Botball Controller
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CBC Firmware

First off, remember that by following these instructions you may brick your CBC and void your warranty. You have been warned.


To build the CBC Firmware, You'll first need to have a Linux system up and running, preferrably Ubuntu 8.04. You'll also need to install the following pieces of software by hand:

  • ARM GCC Toolchain
  • Qt Embedded 4.4

As well as the following minor pieces of software (easily installed through your distro's package manager)

  • GCC
  • GNU Make
  • Qt 4.4
  • Rsync
  • Wget

ARM GCC Toolchain

Instructions for downloading and installing the ARM GCC Toolchain necessary to build this software can found here. Currently only the 4.1.2b toolchain is known to work.

Qt Embedded

Instructions for building Qt Embedded can be found here. It is only necessary to follow the instructions until the installation of Qt is finished. There's some useful info there though :)


Someday this will be a script, but for now build things in this order:

  1. utils cd utils/fb_print make cd utils/shared_mem make
  2. userlib cd userlib/init make cd ../libcbc qtembedded-qmake make cd ../tracklib make
  3. cbcui cd cbcui qtembedded-qmake make
  4. Filesystem cd filesystem/upgrade make

You should now have a userhook0 file in filesystem/upgrade. Happy Hacking!

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