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Tile someday wants to be a tiling window manager for Mac OS X. Right now, it is more or less a proof-of-concept for how window management tasks can be done on Mac OS X.

About the code

I started the codebase a while ago to learn Objective C programming and to see what can be done with the Accessibility API on Mac OS X. The code contains Objective C abstractions of “Windows” and “Applications”. These objects are created in sync with the “real” applications currently running and the windows they create. The synchronization happens by listening for a bunch of notifications Mac OS X provides for events like application launch and termination, window creation and movement, etc. The window objects also allow manipulation of the real windows they represent.

The code also contains some snippets for registering global key event handlers that will be used for user interface stuff, and I started working on actual window tiling.

About the project

All in all, the code is pretty much work in progress and is only of interest to developers, since it contains no usable features yet. Think of it as a tech demo.


Help would be very much appreciated, but I guess that I need to work on some visible features before this project will attract other developers.