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Crazy Marvin

Hi there 👋

🙋‍♀️ A short introduction - what is your organization all about?
Crazy Marvin is a collective of opensourcers that create chatbots and apps for many platforms. We use classical and heroic languages like Java, Javascript and C plus newcomers like Flutter and Kotlin plus fancy frameworks like Vue.

Most designs follow the latest Material guidelines but we have some retro styles too.

🌈 Contribution guidelines - how can the community get involved?
There is a in almost every repository. If it is not or needs improved, please open a PR for that.

👩‍💻 Useful resources - where can the community find your docs? Is there anything else the community should know?
Most of it should be in the, or Please let us know if something is missing.

🍿 Fun facts
Most of our code has bugs, no tests and security issues.

🧙 Remember, you can do mighty things with the power of Markdown
Yes, Markdown is awesome!


I am deeply grateful for the many contributors, supporters and sponsors. This list is not complete. Please feel good if you ever supported us in any way. Thank you so much! 😘


  1. Android App to remove images' metadata

    Kotlin 46 10

  2. txt Public

    📝 Simple text editor/notepad with cloud sync.

    Dart 36 2

  3. Morse Public

    Translator for converting text into morse code and vice-versa

    Java 103 25

  4. Flashy Public

    Simple & Privacy-Friendly Flashlight App

    Java 51 16

  5. Mirry Public

    Simple Mirror App

    18 1

  6. Halma Public

    Halma Game Built With The Awesome libGDX framework

    Java 20 6


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