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Android Taranis SmartPort Telemetry Viewer


This android application let you view and record your taranis telemetry data in realtime.

alt text

Hardware and connection

In order this to work you need additional hardware: inverter and bluetooth module (HC-05 or HC-06 or something else, also you don't need module and inverter if your transmitter has internal one) One important thing: Module should be configured to work on 57600 baud rate, otherwise it won't work. Connect inverter to your Smart Port and then connect bluetooth module to the inverter. You now can connect your phone to your bluetooth module and view data

alt text

**upd: ** now you can use usb serial connection. More info here #47

Tested modules

Currently we support classic BL,BLE and integrated bluetooth modules into your transmitter. We currently tested them on the HC-05, HC-06, HC-09, HM-10. Make sure that when using BLE module you should disable PIN code (if possible). For classic BL module to appear in the list, you should pair it to your Android device first.

HC-06 With MOSFET inverter

Inverter diagram

HC-06 With inverter

HC-06 Configuration

By default, HC-06 is configured for 9600bps. To configure, use any USB-to-serial converter and serial client. Mac and Linux can use Terminal screen command. Windows users can use Putty

HC-06 module will expect that each command will be entered very fast (AFAIR max 1s between letters). So the best option here is to open text editor, type commands there and then copy them one by one into serial software.

  1. AT+NAMEyournamehere - no spaces!
  2. AT+PIN1234 - PIN, no spaces again
  3. AT+ENABLEIND0 (you can ommit this command if your module does not support it)
  4. AT+BAUD7 - set port speed to 57600

Google Play

Beta program

I'm happy to announce that now you can apply for an open beta program, to test and use the most newest features as soon as possible.

You can apply for a beta here

Please leave your feedback at #47

RCGroups Thread

Your module doesn't work?

Make sure you followed all the steps. If this doesn't help, you can ask for help by creating new issue with your module model. Also for quick support you can join our telegram group and ask for help there

Telegram group

Say thanks

If you want to help or say thanks follow my yt channel:

or you can donate to my patreon:

Special thanks

hyperion11 - Ardupilot support RomanLut - fixes, new features

Alexey Stankevich - initial testing, feedback

Marios Chrysomallis - testing BLE support

Paweł Spychalski - project contribute, made a great video about the app (

AeroSIM RC - for sending their simulator for testing app from home (they have plugin to connect my app with their sim)

usb-serial-for-android - library creators (