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Windows Library to talk to LittleBits CloudBit device
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LittleBits Cloud Control

LittleBits are tiny electronic components that can be fitted together to create working circuits. They are great fun and you can find out all about them here:

They make a device called CloudBit:

This puts LittleBits signals into the cloud, where you can connect to them from browsers and services such as If This Then That (ITTT).

You might want to control your LittleBits devices from your Windows PC or Phone, and that's what this library does. You can send a percentage power value to your CloudBit device and receive a percentage value back. What the signals mean is entirely up to you. They might control a servo, light a lamp, open a cat flap or any number of other actions. You can use the inputs from the CloudBit in any way you like too.

There's a sample universal application that uses the library. This is a good basis for getting started.


Rob Miles

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