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@Crazyhead90 Crazyhead90 released this Apr 17, 2018

This release contains 2 types of dists in both desktop and lite version.

The Raspbian versions are BASED on the 2018-03-13 version downloaded from
Both the desktop and lite version run a 4.14 64bit kernel with a 32bit userspace/userland.

The Bamarni versions are based on a minimal version of debian stretch 64bit. I've downloaded them from and updated the kernel to 4.14 64bit and made them bootable for the pi 3bplus.

Dont mind the sourcefiles listed with the release files. They are not used for any of the release files.
I've tweaked the images manually and just uploaded them here so i could share them with the public.

Also keep in mind that these releases are pre-released and not everything is guaranteed to work.

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