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example with inset shadow and correct indent
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2 parents d9ef3c7 + 09cb7e4 commit 0c2229f1838e6a2304b67a53c055622add71b990 Lea Verou committed Nov 1, 2011
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@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
<a data-property="border-width" data-from="0" data-to="35px" style="border-style:dashed; border-color: black;"></a>
<a data-property="border-width" data-from="0" data-to="75px" style="border-style:double; border-color: black;"></a>
<a data-property="box-shadow" data-from="0 0 black" data-to="0 150px 10px -50px rgba(0,0,0,.5)"></a>
+ <a data-property="box-shadow" data-from="inset -75px -75px 400px #000" data-to="none" data-author="yuritkachenko"></a>
<a data-property="color" data-from="white" data-to="black"></a>
<a data-property="font-size" data-from="60px" data-to="300px"></a>
<a data-property="height" data-from="150px" data-to="0"></a>

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