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Welcome to Passdock issue tracker and sample code list.

The simplest and more powerful Pass creator on the web.

Issue and Enhancements

If you have any issue you can search for existing ones or create a new one.

Feel free to suggest a new feature or give us feedback or your thoughts: they're very appreciated.

API and Sample Code

We do have API to interact with Passdock.

Check the wiki for a complete endpoint description with sample curl codes.

Here is the list of sample code we offer to get started.


The gem is called simply passdock and you can install it with

gem install passdock

Source code and instructions are here:


The class with readme and source code is available here


Here is a module with source code and instructions


We are also going to release soon a framework written in Objective-C and a sample iPhone application to interact with Passbook.

They will be released in the next few days.

Third party contributions


fvdm has created a package for node.js complete with source code. Thanks!


The code has been written by Matteo Gavagnin @macteo, Filippo Bigarella @filippobiga and Nicolò Tosi.