Audio not loaded in IE9 when there is no audio device #1

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l4u commented Feb 26, 2012

Load in IE9

SCRIPT5022: Audio is not loaded. The source(s) are either not found, or the correct audio formats are not provided.
SoundJS.js, line 873 character 4

Could this exception be caught in SoundJS?

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I'm experiencing the same issue in IE10 when there is no audio device available. Can anything be done about this?


OJayRobinson commented Oct 4, 2013

hi Dave,

My thought is that IE and the other browsers should handle this intelligently. I would suggest reporting a bug to IE.
In the meantime, any solution we might put into SoundJS is the same as what you might do yourself. Try to detect if there is an audio device, and if not then do not play audio.

Hope that helps.

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