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Version 1.0.0 (September 14, 2017)
CRITICAL (may break existing content):
- Plugin model has changed significantly. See SamplePlugin for information.
- Second param of Tween/Timeline.setPosition() is now runActions boolean
- Removed Tween.NONE, Tween.LOOP, and Tween.REVERSE constants
- pluginData is now a property in the props param, instead of its own param
- Removed Tween.installPlugin, in favour of Plugin.install()
- Removed Tween.tick (instance) in favour of Tween.advance
- Tween actions in a Timeline now run after all the tween properties are updated
- added check for hasOwnProperty on tween properties to filter out inherited properties
- Changed version naming to use tweenjs.js, instead of containing the version number
DEPRECATED (will break in the future):
- Timeline constructor now expects a single param `props`, which now supports `tweens` and `labels` properties
- to make a tween loop continuously, you should now use loop:-1, instead of loop:true
- setPaused deprecated in favor of paused getter / setter
- getCurrentLabel deprecated in favor of currentLabel getter / setter
- Deprecated get/set methods are now protect with an underscore (eg _setEnabled)
The deprecated methods and properties will still work, but will display a console warning when used.
- Very significant performance improvements to Tween and plugins
- Plugin model is now much more powerful / flexible.
- Tween and Timeline now extend AbstractTween
- Tween and Timeline now have more similar/consistent interfaces
- Added Tween.reversed and Tween.bounce properties (also on Timeline)
- Tween.loop now supports setting a numeric loop count value (also on Timeline)
- Added Tween.rawPosition and Tween.useTicks read-only properties (also on Timeline)
- Timeline now removes tweens from other timelines when adding them
- Tweens now support getLabels(), addLabel(), setLabels(), gotoAndPlay(), gotoAndStop(), and resolve()
- Added .label() to Tween
- Added Tween.timeScale & Timeline.timeScale
- Added ColorPlugin, RelativePlugin, and RotationPlugin
- CSSPlugin now works with any style value, and can optionally use computed styles
- fixed issues with zero length tweens
- action execution is now correct for tweens in timelines with looping
- Timeline.tweens added
- improvements / additions to examples
- added callback param to setPosition for MovieClip use
- fixed a bug with Tween.set()
- unit tests made somewhat more robust
- added a shared createjs.deprecate() method, which wraps old methods and property getter/setters to display
a console warning when used.
Version 0.6.2 [November 26, 2015]
- fixed MotionGuidePlugin handling of empty data
- solved memory leak in SparkTable demo
- documentation and example updates
Version 0.6.1 [May 21, 2015]
- Fixed an issue with Tween.removeAllTweens and tweens with no target
- Fixed an issue that could cause tweens to be ticked multiple times per tick
Version 0.6.0 [December 12, 2014]
CRITICAL (may break existing content):
- Added Ticker into the "createjs" package to remove reliance on EaselJS.
- re-architected the class and inheritance model
- initialize methods removed, use MySuperClass_constructor instead
- helper methods: extend & promote (see the "Utility Methods" docs)
- property definitions are now instance level, and in the constructor (performance gains)
- the .constructor is now set correctly on all classes (thanks kaesve)
- Added bower support, including grunt task for updating the bower.json
- Fixed issue with setPaused() stacking up tween ticks
- Added .gitignore to subfolders under /docs (thanks mcfarljw)
- Improved EventDispatcher's handling of redispatched event objects
- Fixed "none" Ease
Version 0.5.1 [December 12, 2013]
- Updates to EventDispatcher for latest combined build
Version 0.5.0 [September 25, 2013]
CRITICAL (may break existing content):
- removed all onEvent handlers (ex. onClick, onTick, onAnimationEnd, etc)
- implemented createjs Utils
- implemented "use strict" mode
- added "passive" param to Tween.wait()
- updates to MotionGuidePlugin
- Documentation
* Added note in the documentation on the dependency on EaselJS Ticker.
* Added note on CSSPlugin not being included in minified versions
* Formatted JSDoc comment blocks
* Added note in code on static initialization of Ticker
- Swapped indexOf usages for inline for loops (for IE8 support)
- Updated Ticker usage to use EventDispatcher instead. Added handleEvent to propagate tick event
- Added TweenOnlyDemo to show TweenJS usage without EaselJS
- Fixed incorrectly doc'd Timeline documented put all Timeline APIs into Tween instead.
- fixed an issue with EventDispatcher when adding the same listener to an event twice
- fixed hasActiveTweens to return a Boolean consistently
- added Timeline.getLabels() & getCurrentLabel()
- Tween waits to add itself as a listener on Ticker until the first tween is started
- Updated the build process to use NodeJS & Grunt.js. Please refer to the readme in the build folder.
Version 0.4.1 [May 10, 2013]
- Fixed tween reference in a game loop of Timeline.
- Added additional examples and documentation to Tween
- Updated examples to propagate the tick event to the stage
- Documented optional parameters in Tween.get()
- Updated to latest EventDispatcher
- Added Tween.removeAllTweens method
Version 0.4.0 [Feb 12, 2013]
- added EaselJS EventDispatcher capabilities to TweenJS
- updated build process to use NodeJS
- added tween_version.js, which generates a TweenJS object at run time that contains build information
- updated documentation descriptions, examples, and style
- added MotionGuidePlugin to support Toolkit for CreateJS
Version 0.3.0 [Aug 27, 2012]
- moved all class definitions into a configurable "createjs" namespace
- fix for a race condition that can arise when one tween causes others to be removed
- added Tween.hasActiveTweens(target)
- fixed issue with minified version of code being dependent on Ticker
- fixed issue with unpausing tweens after adding & removing from a Timeline
- added .onChange() to Tween & Timeline
- added .position to Tween & Timeline
- added
Version 0.2.0 [Apr 13, 2012]
- implemented a plugin model, and moved CSS support to CSSPlugin
- Timeline now forces its useTicks setting on child tweens
- can set paused & position in config props
- fix for negative positions in tweens
- added Timeline.resolve()
- minor bug fixes and doc updates
Version 0.1.0 [Nov 28, 2011]
Initial release.
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