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This class makes it stupidly simple to add transitions to a TweenJS animation. Whada you think? It would be a pleasure for you to add this to your library. Thanks!

Class of easing/linear animation transitioning functions. The linear(non-easing)/easing
functions can be used independently of one another, or a linear function
can be passed as an argument to an easing function. Simply pass a transition
function to the ease argument in a Tween step and watch it go.



This is really great :D


These are really cool, but what about something like an arc? Is it possible to tweak both the X and Y properties in a transition? I want a rainbow type arc between two points.


I'm not sure at the moment. I'm not sure what the algorithm would be to do that. I'll try a few things out and let you know the results.


Please do! :P

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chrismus - I have included an Ease class with TweenJS, based on Robert Penner's easing equations, and including some configurable tweens (ex. getPowIn(5) is equivalent to a quintic ease). It would be great if you could take a look and offer any feedback.

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