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Planetary Gary

Full featured CreateJS game example. ScreenShot

View this example online.

Important notes:

  • due to security restrictions on local content, you must run this example from a web server.
  • iOS Safari has a major bug which currently results in very poor performance. Apple has been made aware of this issue, and I am attempting to isolate it.

Demonstrates a variety of advanced concepts including:

  • preloading with progress UI & multiple parallel loads
  • using an external manifest to load sounds
  • managing assets as they load
    • ex1. music plays as soon as it finishes loading
    • ex2. sprite sheet builder runs as soon as all dependencies are loaded
  • asynchronous run-time sprite sheet generation
    • all art is loaded as vector which allows scaling and keeps file size low
      • to show scaling, load the game with a "scale" querystring param: /index.html?scale=0.3
      • over-the-wire (gzipped) art size is only ~85kb vs ~3MB for sprite sheets
    • sprite sheet is generated while other assets load
  • dynamic sound effects (reverb effect when clicking Start Game)
  • SpriteStage and SpriteContainer using WebGL for game rendering
  • state changes
  • DOMElement for the score board
  • tweening music volume

All art & graphics is copyright 2013 gskinner.com, inc. and cannot be used without permission.

I will likely write up more information on how different parts of this example works when time permits. Keep an eye on this repo, and the CreateJS blog for updates (blog.createjs.com).