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A chat bot to talk in chat, slightly more user friendly than previously
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CreativeBot, A DLive Chat Bot

Are you a developer?

If you wish to be added to this list and help develop the bot, check out the Developer Getting Started page!


This open-source DLive chat bot was made by the community for the community. Add some extra spice to your chat with custom commands, timers, a point system and more today!

Open Source

The reason we chose to make the app open source is that way anyone can use it and modify it. Doesn't have a feature you want? Do you know how to code/know someone who knows? Then you can add it! (if not you can always request it here)

Developer Note

This bot is made by CreativeBuilds (Owner) and Oblivifrek (Contributor)

Installation Process

  1. Download the latest release here
  2. Run the exe and let it install
  3. After the install is completed and you launch the application, you will have to create a CreativeBot account, this is used to back up all of your info, if you swap to another account or something happens to your computer and you need to recover your data. In the future this will also be used to login to a web version of the app to allow for easier use.
  4. Once you have created an account, login with DLive NOTE: If you made your account without an email/password directly with dlive then you will need to head to the settings page and make sure you set an email and password!
  5. When you're signed in through dlive, you are free to explore the bot! If you need any help you can join this discord where we provide support or message me directly CreativeBuilds#0001
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