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A cross-platform tool for designing interactive virtual soundscapes
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A cross-platform tool for designing interactive virtual soundscapes.
Accessible online at:


An ACM UIST paper about INVISO, including a video figure, can be found here.

Project Structure

  • build - Directory for built and compressed files from the npm build script
  • src - Directory for all dev files
  • src/css - Contains all SCSS files, that are compiled to src/public/assets/css
  • src/js - All the Three.js app files, with app.js as entry point. Compiled to src/public/assets/js with webpack
  • src/js/app/components - Three.js components that get initialized in main.js
  • src/js/app/helpers - Classes that provide ideas on how to set up and work with defaults
  • src/js/app/managers - Manage complex tasks such as GUI or input
  • src/js/app/model - Classes that set up the model object
  • src/js/data - Any data to be imported into app
  • src/js/utils - Various helpers and vendor classes
  • src/public - Used by webpack-dev-server to serve content and is copied over to build folder with build command. Place external vendor files here.

Getting started

Install dependencies:

yarn install

Then run dev script:

yarn dev

Spins up a webpack dev server at localhost:8080 and keeps track of all js and sass changes to files. Only reloads automatically upon save of js files.


yarn build

Cleans existing build folder and then copies over the public folder from src. Then sets environment to production and compiles js and css into build.


yarn deploy

Deploys build/public to gh-pages branch.

Other Yarn Scripts

You can run any of these individually if you'd like with the npm run command:

  • prebuild - Cleans build folder and lints src/js
  • clean - Cleans build folder
  • lint - Runs lint on src/js folder and uses .eslintrc file in root as linting rules
  • webpack-server - Create webpack-dev-server with hot-module-replacement
  • webpack-watch - Run webpack in dev environment with watch
  • dev:sass - Run node-sass on src/css folder and output to src/public and watch for changes
  • dev:js - Run webpack in dev environment without watch
  • build:dir - Copy files and folders from src/public to build
  • build:sass - Run node-sass on src/css and output compressed css to build folder
  • build:js - Run webpack in production environment

Input Controls

  • Arrow controls will pan
  • Mouse left click will rotate/right click will pan
  • Scrollwheel zooms in and out
  • Delete objects with 'delete' or 'backspace'
  • Move dummyhead with 'w/a/s/d'
  • Hide stats with 'h' -- dev mode only


Project leader, primary developer: Anıl Çamcı []
Contributors: Kristine Lee [] (DevOps), Cody J. Roberts [] (DevOps), Angus Forbes []

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