Open Source ZXP Installer for Adobe Extensions
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ZXPInstaller is a simple cross platform (OS X and Windows) installer for third party Adobe extensions (.zxp files). It serves as a replacement for the Extension Manager which no longer is not supported after CC 2014. It provides a drag-and-drop GUI for installation, and a website to which extension developers can point users to download the installer.

How it works

ZXPInstaller uses Electron ( to create a cross platform HTML/node.js app. The app spawns a child process for the Adobe Extension Manager command line utility to install the ZXP.

Setup (OS X)

  1. Install Node.js.

  2. Install the dependencies and start the app.

npm install
npm run dev

Compiling (OS X)

  1. Install Homebrew.

  2. Install wine and makensis for electron-builder (needed to build the Windows installer).

brew install wine makensis
  1. Run the build script
npm run pack
  1. You will find the compiled binaries in the release directory.

Help needed

Windows is supported, however a maintainer is still needed for the Windows portion of the code.