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Jinxo92 commented Nov 1, 2016

ZXP installer says "Installation failed because the extension is not compatible with the installed applications", I'm on the latest version of photoshop cc 2015.5 and my extension is supported. Are there some issues with the application or is it my extension though?

It's the Retouching Toolkit of Conny Wallstrom.

Thank you!


Hi @Jinxo92,

Unfortunately that's all the information that the Adobe installer that ZXPInstaller is built on provides, so I'm not entirely sure. If you're confident your extension (the actual files you have on hand) does support the applications you have installed, it might be a bug with the Adobe installer.

Do you have the Extension Manager installed? If so, try uninstalling it, restart your computer, and then try installing your extension with ZXPInstaller again. Extension Manager has been known to cause strange conflicts when installed.

Jinxo92 commented Nov 1, 2016 edited

Thank you for the quick answer.
The Extension Manager is installed. I'll try this. 👍

arajay commented Nov 2, 2016

Why doesn't this extension work with the official Extension Manager? Seems shady.


@arajay ZXP Installer uses ExManCmd, Adobe's official command line tool for installing extensions. You can learn more about it here: Implementation-wise, all ZXP Installer does when you drag an extension onto it is capture the filename and then create the command line string needed to run Adobe's tool.

Adobe dropped support for the Extension Manager after CC 2014, so it isn't possible to install CC 2015.5 extensions with the Extension Manager. However, because some extensions support versions that did work with the Extension Manager, you'll find that it will still launch and try to install them, probably one of the most common support tickets I answer for my extensions.

The metadata used to define how extensions are installed is the same between ExMan (ZXP Installer) and the Extension Manager, and as far as I know, they use the same system storage for managing and checking which extensions are and are not installed. Adobe extension installation is notoriously buggy and I've seen many instances where one Adobe tool causes silent conflicts with others. By deleting the Extension Manager, which is obsolete if you're using CC 2015.5, you remove half of the conflict letting Adobe's other installer do all the work.

Nothing shady, just the ugly underbelly of Adobe software.

arajay commented Nov 2, 2016 edited

Thanks for clearing that up! Why would they end support for their own extension manager? classic Adobe

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