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Converts ascii text into similar unicode (Unicode magic!!)
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similar-unicode-converter (simunicon)

This converts ascii text into similar unicode (Unicode magic!!)


CreativeGP -> 𝘾𝙧𝙚𝞪𝙩𝞲𝞶𝙚𝙂𝞠

query string -> 𝓺𝓾𝐞𝓻𝑦 𝓈𝓽𝓻ℹ𝓷𝒈

How to use

Just type the text you want to convert in the field titled "String to convert", and push the button named "CONVERT!!" ;)

And there's some options used to convert.

chartype option selects the type of encoded unicode character. You can find the avaliable chartype list here. I should be go well with chartype written many times in the list. How about examining it?

index option indicates the index used to retrieve the character from candidates list. I don't exactly know you that what index should go well with. Please examine it yourself. And you can set the index "rand". This value randomizes the index. You may get so crazy text :)

Where can I use it ?

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