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templates for various creative coding environments to work with the Synapse kinect tracking app

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Synapse Templates

2012 Dan Wilcox, et al.

for the Spring 2012 IACD class at the CMU School of Art

Templates for receiving skeleton tracking Open Sound Control messages from Ryan Challinor's Synapse for Kinect application

Download Synapse for Kinect and get started with a template project for one of the following creative coding environments:

Make sure your kinect is plugged in and Synapse is running. You will need to make the Kinect psi pose for the skeleton tracker to find you and start sending joint data.

Further info:

  • the Windows install requires some specific driver steps
  • Synapse uses ports 12345 & 12347 by default for outbound OSC communication, 2 outbound ports to support 2 simulataneous applications
  • Synapse receives OSC on port 12346 and joint positions must be requested periodically (every 2-3 seconds)
  • the Synapse window size is 640 x 480, useful in realtion to joint coordinate positions
  • here is the Synapse OSC communication spec
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