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An Open Source Robotics Platform for Evolutionary Algorithm Development
Aracna is a platform for developing evolutionary algorithms in the real world. A host computer evolves gaits, and the aracna robot is able to test them. Note that Aracna is still a work in progress, and this repo is subject to frequent change. You can find legacy code and learning algorithms here:

For photos and the design files necessary to 3D print Aracna, see the related aracnaHardware repository. For more pictures of the printed robot and more details of the Aracna project, see You can also watch a video of Aracna being 3D printed or read an articles about Aracna by Fast Company or Servo Magazine. If you use Aracna in your research, please cite the following paper:

Sara Lohmann, Jason Yosinski, Eric Gold, Jeff Clune, Jeremy Blum and Hod Lipson. Aracna: An Open-Source Quadruped Platform for Evolutionary Robotics. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems. 2012.


Aracna is under development in Cornell's Creative Machines Lab. Contributers include:

  • Jason Yosinski - Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Jeremy Blum - Embedded Development, Electronics
  • Eric Gold - Host Communications
  • Sara Lohmann - Mechanics
  • Aaron Silber - Gait Analysis