A reference for creating PhoneGap apps that integrate the Creative SDK Send To Desktop API and Image Editor UI.
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This is a PhoneGap template to help you quickly get started with the Creative SDK Send To Desktop API and Image Editor UI plugins.



Required: This guide will assume that you have followed the "Prerequisites" section of the Creative SDK Client Auth plugin guide, particularly:

  • install all software noted in that section
  • receive a Creative SDK Client ID and Secret for each platform you plan to build for

Setup guide

  1. Create your app

    phonegap create tempcsdk --template phonegap-template-csdk-send-to-desktop
  2. Add your Creative SDK Client ID and Secret values

    Open config.xml and find the <plugin name="phonegap-plugin-csdk-client-auth" ... > element.

    You can add your Client ID and Secret values to the appropriate variable's here.

  3. Run phonegap prepare to fetch the plugins

  4. iOS only: download and add the Creative SDK

    (Android developers: this step is handled for you automatically by the plugin.)

    To get the iOS SDK, go to the Downloads page, click the download link for STATIC FRAMEWORKS (DEPRECATED).

    Add the extracted AdobeCreativeSDKFrameworks folder to these directories:

     - `plugins/phonegap-plugin-csdk-client-auth/src/ios`
     - `plugins/phonegap-plugin-csdk-image-editor/src/ios`
     - `plugins/phonegap-plugin-csdk-user-auth/src/ios`
  5. Add the platforms you intend to build for:

    phonegap platform rm ios
    phonegap platform rm android
    phonegap platform add ios
    phonegap platform add android

    The remove is a precautionary step.

  6. Run for your platform(s)

    phonegap run ios
    phonegap run android

Sample code

You can find the relevant sample code in these files:

  • www/index.html
  • www/js/index.js

Learn more

Want to learn more about the Creative SDK PhoneGap plugins used in this template?

The READMEs for the plugin repos contain Setup and API guides, as well as sample code, to help you learn quickly:

  • Client Auth: The starting point for all Creative SDK integrations
  • User Auth: Let users log in to their Adobe Creative Cloud accounts, right from within your app
  • Image Editor UI: Powerful photo editing for mobile apps
  • Send To Desktop API: Magically send images from mobile to Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign