An example of using the Creative SDK Image Editor for Web with the HTML Drag and Drop API
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Web (jQuery): Image Editor UI + Drag and Drop API

This is an example of using the Creative SDK Image Editor for Web with the HTML Drag and Drop API.


Live demos

You can try a live demo of this repo on its GitHub project page.

For a more robust live example, go to the Aviary website and click "Edit Your Photo".

How to use

Just follow the steps below.

In your browser

  1. Register a new app for the Creative SDK
  2. Note your Client ID. You will need it soon.

In your local development environment

  1. git clone this repo and cd into it
  2. Run npm install (for Bootstrap and jQuery)
  3. Create a file called config.js with the following code: var configObj = { apiKey: '<YOUR_KEY_HERE>' };
  4. Add your Client ID as a string in config.js (replacing the string "<YOUR_KEY_HERE>")
  5. Run the app

Contributing to this repo

Pull requests and GitHub issues are welcome!

We openly track tickets on Stories in Ready Stories In Progress

If you want to take a ticket, comment on it to let us know. Be sure to work on your own fork of the repo so you can submit a pull request when you are done.

Feel free to add tickets as well!

Learn more about the Creative SDK

Developer portal

Check out the Getting started guide for Image Editor configuration options and more!

Creative SDK blog

We have more content on our blog that explores deeper aspects of the Creative SDK. Have a look at our Web category on

Get help

Our growing community on Stackoverflow is a great way to get help. Just post your question and tag it with adobecreativesdk.

If you have feedback on this repo, submit a GitHub issue.