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A Python effector for creating curl noise movement in CINEMA 4D.
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Curl Noise Effector for CINEMA 4D

A Python effector for creating curl noise movement in CINEMA 4D.

#Download Mograph Effector #Download XPresso Node

Curl Noise Render ###Video


Note that this script only works with CINEMA 4D-versions Studio and Broadcast

There are two files, one for Mograph and one for XPresso (to be used with Thinking Particles). The documentation here refers to the Mograph version but the settings are the same for the XPresso node.

##File contents

The C4D file contains a number of objects:

  • CT Curl Noise Effector
  • Cloner
    • Sphere
  • Source

CT Curl Noise Effector is responsible for the fluid-like movement, the others can be replaced by your own objects.

##Settings The CT Curl Noise Effector object has a number of settings in the User Data tab.

  • Speed
    • The speed of the clones
  • Frequency
    • The amount of variation in the movement. Higher values gives a more chaotic look
  • Noise Offset
    • Used for offseting the velocity field. Animate for more interesting motion.

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